Planning and Discussing Funeral Options in Australia

Death is inevitable. Every family must deal with the loss of loved ones. The only difference lies in how a family overcomes the loss. One of the most unsettling conversations a family can have is discussing funeral options. Many families plan the funeral of a dear elderly member before it is too late. It is not only up to a family to be conscious of the essentials. Every person should have a say in how their funeral is going to be planned.

Most people have a will, and some have a section that clearly mentions the particulars of a funeral. A few people express their wish for their body to be donated to science, for research and organ donation. Some people want to be buried or cremated in a certain way. It is not uncommon for people to wish for a simple funeral that does not cost much. Regardless of these personal preferences and wishes, it is necessary to plan and discuss funeral options in Australia.

Initiating the Discussion with Family

Someone in the family may be aware of or might perceive the wishes of a loved one. Such awareness or perception may be ambiguous, and it is possible for them to be unfounded as well. There is a need to have some clarity. The only way you can attain clarity is by talking with one another. A family should get together and hear the wishes of an ailing loved one. The discussion enables a person to state their wishes and it also helps the family to be lucid about their duties. It is normal for families to be uncertain of how they should plan a funeral when there is no preplanning. 

The discussion is always going to be uncomfortable, at least for some in the family if not all. It is in the best interest of the dying person and practical for the family to sit and talk about the particulars. The discussion also paves the way for the family to come closer. Everyone gets to appreciate life and the dying person also treasures the intimate moments with the family. Talking about specific wishes to others often leads to gaining a better perspective. The family may come up with relevant feedback. There can be changes to the original wishes and the dying person may be more content with the suggestions. 

Planning funeral options in Australia simplifies the whole process. Different members of the family can be assigned specific responsibilities. When everyone mutually agrees to do something, there is no misunderstanding and misinterpretation later. It is quite common for a person to put aside a fund to pay for their funeral. The planning and discussion can enable a family to choose a person who will oversee the fund. Others may contribute with timely effort and assistance. Other family members can order funeral flower arrangements at this webpage.

Documenting the Discussion and Plan

It is not sufficient to discuss and plan funeral options in Australia. Given the fact that costs can range from three thousand to over fifteen thousand dollars, the plan should be documented, and it should be binding. It is best to document the plan in the will. A person and their family should talk about the expenditure and there are financial instruments available to manage it. The written document should have the plan detailed without any ambiguity or room for interpretation. The type of service one wants, the people who should be invited and other particulars should be discussed and mentioned.

A family may consider a prepaid funeral. There are funeral trusts that accept advance payments. These trusts are also entrusted with the responsibility of executing the plan. Families may also consider funeral insurance and funeral bonds. Funeral insurance is a kind of life insurance that has the coverage you need to pay for the kind of funeral planned. Funeral bond is an investment that earns interest and has a tax benefit. There is also the option of superannuation.

Appointing a Funeral Service in Australia

Depending on the wishes of a person and their family, it may be pragmatic to choose a funeral service in Australia. There are many types of funeral services. A dying person may interview representatives and along with the family may choose one that can satiate the wishes. Discussing funeral services will also enable families to understand the prerequisites and essentials of funeral preparations, from rules about coffins to provisions at select cemeteries, importance of wills and execution of last wishes, methods of scattering cremation remains or ashes, choosing a service and a suitable eulogy among others. Funeral services will also help families understand the relevant laws in Australia. 

It is not imperative to use a minister or a funeral director in Australia. Not everyone who gets cremated may want their ashes to be scattered. Some people may want their ashes to be kept in an urn. Some people might want a columbarium, which is a special structure built to house the urn that can be up for display. There are many such details that can be discussed if a family takes the time to plan a funeral. Considering all options is the most pragmatic approach.

Significance of Planning and Discussing a Funeral

The most important reason for planning and discussing funeral options in Australia is obviously to have clarity and to sort everything out before it is the time to organize the service. There is another reason why planning and discussing is significant. It helps a family to come to terms with the inevitable. Not everyone in a family will cope with the loss in the same way. Advance planning will shed light on the inevitability of the unfortunate death and the family will have time to get together to support one another in the unpreventable moments of grief. Families that discuss funeral options beforehand often find solace and as they come to terms with reality, there are finer moments that everyone will experience and then treasure long after the loved one is gone. Such memories are priceless.